Wed, Oct 9 2019

Most Recent Benchmark:
Front Squat Max on Jun 22, 2020 (49 days ago)


Warm Up:
100m run
:10 hang
10 push-up
5 scap retraction
15 Russian Swing
5 kip swing

Gymnasty skill work:
5 Rounds for time (10min cap)
5 Toes to Bar
4 Pull-Ups
3 Chest to Bar
***100m run anytime you come off the bar***

The goal here is grip strength and proficiency in kipping. If we are unable to do pull-ups our first option is to complete 60 Knees to waist/Knees to chest. If we are not quite able to hang on the bar yet lets complete 60 v-ups and run anytime your feet hit the ground.

800m run buy-in
Then with remaining time
10 push up
15 KB swing

0% 0%

Lyndsey4+8  26# kb
Rosa5 Rx
Corinne5+18 Rx 35lb KB, 2:54 800m
Christy3+24 Rx 35#kb/ skill work on T2B into PullUps
Kristel5:44 skill—4+3 wod  60 K2W/row—Row & 35#
Jessica...  Skill=2+8 WOD 3+21

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