Thu, Sep 12 2019

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Power SteeringFestivus Athletes

Power Steering

If you are here early make use of your time and mobilize.
Foam roll: upper back, lats, quads and adductors
Banded shoulder distraction and hip distraction
Couch and pigeon stretch

Warm Up:
EMOM-9 (3rounds)
1) 10/7 cal bike
2) 4 Pull-up + 8 Push-Up
3) 12 Air Squat

For Time: (18min cap)
3 rounds
50 air squat
15/12 cal bike (21/14 if rowing)
9 hang power cleans 155/105

Athlete's should be able to move through the squats and bike with very little rest. The heart of this workout lies in the barbell. It should be heavy, but something athletes can complete in no more than 3 sets.

Post WOD:
30 Band Pull apart
30 band pull down

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Linzi13:19  75#
Andrea13:06  55#
Shari12:34  45#
Salvador10:30 Rx

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